About IR Technology Australia

Thermographic Consulting and Training


IR Technology Australia was started in 1998, by Erik Thorup, a Professional Mechanical Engineer from Denmark. After migrating to Australia in 1991, Erik was first employed at In Mar Tech Australia in 1992, where he was introduced to the Condition Monitoring technologies of Vibration Analysis using IRD and Thermography using the Inframetrics 760 system, which was state of the art at the time. Having already had some experience with Infrared imaging using the SPATE equipment, Stress Pattern Analysis by Thermal Emission, to look for crack initiation in samples of off shore steel constructions at the Department for Structural Engineering (ABK) at the Technical University of Denmark, venturing into the Condition Monitoring arena in Australia to look mainly at electrical installations, for "hot spots" due to high resistance connections, was a bit of a change. Erik worked later at Nilsen Electrics, in the same area of IRT and VA, before starting IR Technology Australia with the main aim to service customers with Thermal imaging.


The first Australian course for Thermographers was initiated in 1998 together with Dr Alan Smith (MU), Roger Christianzs (AGEMA/FLIR) and Phil Hearne (dec.2001)(Level 3 NDT from Ansett Airlines). The Level 1 course was run under Melbourne University and RMIT, and with Certification directly under AINDT at the time. A Level 2 course soon followed, and eventually the ITC course was taken on in 2011 by University of Melbourne.

Today IR Technology Australia is manned by Erik as the sole Thermographer, using the FLIR T640 camera for surveys for all sorts of customers and clients.

Erik is a certified Category 3 Thermographer in Electrical and Mechanical Thermography, both by BINDT and AINDT to the stringent AS/ISO18436-7 International Standards.

Erik is also the AINDT/CMCB IRT Application/Exam Panel Chairman.

Erik is a very proud member of the Committee of AUSPTA http://auspta.asn.au/

AUSPTA http://auspta.asn.au/ FLIR T640 Thermal imaging camera